Wednesday, June 7, 2017

UPDATE: Stamping Platform From Tim Holtz & Tonic Studios

We have a little update for you! Many of you have been looking for the Stamping Platform from Tim Holtz. it's been delayed a few times and they will be shipping soon! Inky Hot Mess did not take any preorders for these because of the issues Tonic was facing. We DO have them on order! Initial quantities will be limited to all of us shops. If you would like one, PLEASE email us at or send us a message via Facebook. Calling is not an option right now as our phone system is being moved to the new shop! Below is the update directly from Tonic Studios USA.

Tonic Studios USA
Stamp Platform Update:
June 7, 2017
Tonic would like to give you an update on the situation regarding the new Model 1707e Tim Holtz Stamping Platform. Since the last announcement, we the team at Tonic have been working very hard to minimize the delay and impact this has had on the supply of the product whilst ensuring we can release a product that we can continue to supply in the USA. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize again for the delay and ask for your continued support and patience while we try to get the products into stock and shipped out to you all.
We have been working to modify the product for the release to ensure we do not infringe any existing patents. We hope you will agree when you see the revised Model 1707e that the changes we have made to the design do not detract from the look or function of the product and most people will not notice any difference from the original. Even though we maintain our previous product (which we did not distribute) did not infringe the granted patent of My Sweet Petunia (MSP), these differences have been made to provide further clarity in the situation so we can provide our retail partners clear guidance on the sale of the product.

As we move to catch up with the demand for the product we will be releasing the incoming shipments on a first come first served basis based with our retail partners on when we received the orders. We will be confirming the expected delivery date to each of our retailers within the next 7 days. The first shipments we expect to be dispatched on the week of 09 July with the second delivery to be on the week of 16 July. We are working to improve this wherever possible; however, we want to provide a clear and realistic route to completion. We also want to be realistic that the product will be entering the country during the holiday period which may involve additional small delays. These dates are when we will receive product into our warehouse in California so there may be a few more days to get the product to the partners and then onto the consumers.
We would like to thank all our retailers and their consumers for their ongoing support for Tonic Studios USA Inc. and the support from the team at Tim Holtz LLC. We will make a further announcement if the situation changes; however at this time we will be dealing directly with the retailers so they can pass on the relevant delivery information to their consumers.
If you are an end consumer and have specific questions on delivery, please contact your retailer while we send out updates. Please allow a few days before doing so while we filter the information to them.
If you have any questions for Tonic Studios directly please contact directly on

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