About IHM

Inky Hot Mess is a family owned business located in the heart of the Finger Lakes. You can find us at 93 Castle Street in Geneva, New York.

What is Inky Hot Mess all about? Inky Hot Mess is all about paper art. Inky has been paper crafting for over 13 years. It all started with traditional scrapbooking when a pet became terminally ill. 

Inky is all about sharing and teaching. She loves to make her own cards and to embellish cards from kits. She will be teaching you how to go about doing this yourself.

Inky's goal is to get everyone to get their photos off of their computers and phones and into albums. That's right. We want to see those photos printed!  

Why print your photos? Well for starters, who else can see them and share in the memories? Over time, technologies change and in a few years your storage device may be out of date. There's also that pesky little issue of those devices kicking the bucket and taking everything with them. 

By printing your photos and getting them into albums, you can journal and keep your memories forever! Sadly, our memories do fade with time. Scrapbooking - whether you prefer traditional, pocket, or digital - preserves those memories and they can be shared with your loved ones forever.

Inky Hot Mess offers a variety of workshops and crops. Sign ups for Inky Hot Mess workshops and crops can be found on our website. Stop by our shop located at 93 Castle Street in Geneva, New York to check us out!

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Debby said...

Welcome to the retail craft industry! Wishing you success fro The Inspiration Station in CT.