Tuesday, July 15, 2014

shop update

we have finally gotten all of the new products from today's release to load! they are all available for purchasing. we even got the photos to load. we sincerely apologize for the delay. 

just a heads up...

we are having issues with go daddy who hosts our site and store. things are not uploading for some reason. we are working to resolve this issue. we are working on getting all of the july monthly releases up on the store without photos right now. the photos seem to be the biggest part of the problem right now. everything is sloooooow for some reason. please know we are hard at work on this!

Monday, July 14, 2014

july 2014 reveal day #5

it's the final day of our july reveal! we're so glad you joined us. we have a few more items left to show you.

first up is the nautical & americana paper crafting add on. it contains 4 12"x12" papers, 3 sheets of cardstock in a red, cream, and blue, and a sheet of silver glitter paper. the papers are from ahoy there from carta bella, independence day from echo park, patriotic parade from doodlebug designs, and sea to shining sea from simple stories. the set is $8.50.

we are also offering a paper crafting seconds. if you purchase the papercrafting kit, you will receive one sheet of each paper. the paper crafting seconds is a set of those papers. so if you add these on, you will have two sheets of each paper. the kit contains 10 sheets of double sided papers and is $10.00.

there are a few items which we have on order, but they have not arrived yet. they are embossing folders! 

what's the 4th of july without fireworks? this embossing folder is $4.75.

it's summer and that means a trip to the beach. watch the waves roll in. this embossing folder is $4.75.

a trip to the beach means a lighthouse isn't too far away. this embossing folder is $4.74. 

these embossing folders are expect to arrive on friday. we will be sure to play with them and share our creations when they arrive.

that's all for the july 2014 reveal! be sure to visit our shop at 1 pm tomorrow when all items are available for purchasing. we're running a special this month in addition to our 24 theme kits on sale. all orders will be shipping for 8 bucks. doesn't matter how small or large the order is! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

july 2014 reveal day #4

today's reveal is all about the july add ons. inky went a little crazy this month. she chose so many new items including several stamp sets. 

first, we have our twine. this month the red, white, & blue twine from doodlebug designs was selected. spools will retail for $2.75 each. 

up next is our die set this month. it's from echo park and it's called sea ship anchor. each set retails for $16.50.

glitter mania! why a whole bunch of glitters? inky has been having a blast with wood veneer stars and glitter. more on that this week in another post.

first up we have the royal blue ultra fine glitter. they are $2.50 per container.

next is the silver ultra fine glitter. these are also $2.50 per container.

winter frost glitter is our third glitter. these containers are $3.00 each.

our final glitter is red tinsel glitter. they are $3.75 per container. 

we have a new embossing folder this month. it is banners from dear lizzy. each folder retails for $4.75.

up next we have our mountain of stamp sets! yeah, inky went a little crazy this month. she just couldn't decide on which ones to go with so she went with a bunch. it's always nice to have options, right? all of the stamp sets are clear stamps.

first, we have to the point from bo bunny. they are $4.75 each set. 

second is limelight from kaisercrafts. each set is $6.75.

third, we are offering weekdays from kaisercrafts. each set is $6.75.

forth is confetti from kaisercrafts. each set is $6.75.

fifth, we have calendar from kaisercrafts. each set is $6.75.

inky hot mess has 2 ink pads up for grabs this month! first up is nautical blue from memento ink. it's a full size ink pad and is $5.00 per pad.

next is lady bug from memento ink. this one is also a full size ink pad and is $5.00 per pad.

our final introduction today is the ahoy there 6"x6" paper pad from carta bella. each pad is $5.75.

come back tomorrow for our final reveal. we still have a few items up out sleeve! remember, tomorrow at 1 pm all of the items from the july monthly kits are available for purchasing!

blog relocation

we are very happy to say that all of our original blog has now been moved. every post has now joined us here on our new blog. the old address will be disabled soon, but all the photos and everything are here now. so no worries! thank you for your patience. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

july 2014 reveal day #3

today's reveal will be the july nautical & americana embellishment kit add on. this embellishment kit retails for $20 and includes a variety of embellishments that cover both themes. 

there are 3 wood veneers in this kit. they were made for us by a craftsman in california. made in the usa!! they are made from maple wood. the veneers are dual american flags, and an 8 point star, and an 8 point star outline. 

who loves stars? inky loves stars year round, but especially at the 4th of july. there are 3 3D glitter stars included. you will receive one in each color - red, white, & blue.

there's more stars! you will receive a sheet of 17 cork stars. we have a sheet of 40 red, white, blue, & silver enamel stars in this kit as well.

a full roll of red chevron washi tape is in the mix. also included are 6 3D pinwheels! they just scream summer to us. and finally the independence day sticker sheets contains 35 stickers. 

stop back tomorrow for extra add ons! inky went a little crazy this month.....rumor has it there are stamp sets, embossing folders, twine, inky pads, paper, and a few mystery items! this kit will be available for purchase on the 15th @ shop.inkyhotmess.com.

shipping discount

inky hot mess has some exciting news about shipping prices. for the month of july, shipping will be $8 for all orders! no matter how large or small! so get shopping @ shop.inkyhotmess.com right now!

no discount code required. it will be automatic in the shopping cart. 

website crash

this morning our website crashed.....for the lack of a better word. several pages were overlapping and then they disappeared. 

after several hours of working on trying to restore them, we have had temporary pages rebuilt. hopefully, these will work and not get lost again. 

we apologize for any issues on our website today. we have been hard at work correcting these issues.

isn't technology great? ....when it works....sigh

Friday, July 11, 2014

july 2014 reveal day #2

today inky hot mess is revealing this month's nautical & americana living life kit. this month we have lots of embellishments. the kit retails for $26.95 plus shipping and nys tax. subscribers pay $28.95 which includes priority mail shipping and a $5 discount on the price of the kit. subscriber kits are shipped first on the 20th. 

the 4"x6" cards

this month's living life it contains 30 3"x4" and 21 4"x6" cards.

4"x6" cards

they are a mix of nautical and americana. some mix the two themes together in one card! 

back sides of 4"x6" cards

these cards are wonderful for the 4th of july not to mention memorial day and labor day. perfect for the parades celebrating america! 

the 3"x4" cards

spent some time at the beach this summer? the lake? the ocean? these are perfect for those occasions as well. 

military family member? had a bbq? went out on a boat? want to say hello? like crabs? wear some nautical clothing? we've got all of that covered in this kit!

visiting a lighthouse? taking a cruise? love stars? love our country? watch fireworks? this kit will work with all of those photos as well! 

ready for the embellishments? there's a whole bunch this month. 

the nautical & americana living life contains 2 pieces of flair made for us by a lady in nevada. made in the usa!! wahoo! the flairs are a navy & red anchor and a red, navy & white compass. 

wood veneers! our wood veneers are very thin and not bulky. they are made specifically for inky hot mess by a family in california. made in the usa!! this month they are made from maple. there are 7 veneers in this month's kit! seriously there are SEVEN - yup 7 - wood veneers this time around. you will receive a star outline, an anchor, an & sign, 2 star clips, and 2 geo tags.

what else is there? hold on to your seat because there's tons more. inky hot mess added several stickers to this month's living life kit. we have the sea to shining sea stickers from simple stories. there's 45 stickers on the sheet. 

cork stars! the sheet has 17 cork star stickers.

want more stars? there are 24 red, white & blue glitter stones. they have adhesive on their backs.

the remaining goodies are 2 chalkboard rimmed tags, a roll of silver star washi tape, and 3 feet of ribbon. there's 1 foot of each of these ribbons: red grosgrain, blue plaid ruffle (super cute!), and a red star & navy anchor white grosgrain. 

that's the nautical & americana living life kit. be sure to stop back tomorrow to see the embellishment add on kit. the monthly kits will be available for purchasing on the 15th at shop.inkyhotmess.com 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

july 2014 reveal day #1

welcome to the july inky hot mess reveal! to begin day #1, we are announcing this month's themes! 

living life kit: nautical & americana

paper crafting kit: summer

yes, the monthly kits have different themes this month, but they compliment each other so well! 

today we are revealing the paper crafting kit. this is our first month offering a paper crafting kit. we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. this kit is not a bunch of papers from one paper collection. inky picked a sheet or two from several collections. there are 10 different 12"x12" papers, 1 glitter 12"x12" paper, and 7 12"x12" cardstocks plus an embellishment assortment. 

the first two papers are from carta bella and echo park. the paper on the left is swimsuits from the summer lovin' collection from carta bella. on the right is beach balls from echo park's walking on sunshine collection.

up next are two papers from bo bunny's lemonade stand collection. chill out is on the left. cream pop is on the right.

here we have carta bella's seashells from ahoy there. on the right is pretty pinwheels from the splendid sunshine collection echo park released.

these papers are from simple stories and webster's pages. the one on the left is from simple stories collection good day sunshine. it's called enjoy the view. on the right is dream come true from webster's pages hello world collection.

more from bo bunny and simple stories. the paper on the left is blue skies from the good day sunshine collection from simple stories. on the right is carnival from bo bunny's lemonade stand collection.

up next is the glitter paper and cardstocks. each kit will contain one 12"x12" sheet of sky, bubble gum, pansy, cloud, sea, grass, and sun cardstocks along with marine glitter paper.

embellishment time! first, we have our wood veneers. they are made for us from a lovely family in california. they are made in the usa!! this month they are made from maple wood. each paper crafting kit will receive 3 veneers that include a sun, a camera, and an @ sign. 

ready for the rest of the embellishments? this month's kit features 2 pieces of flair that were made for us from a lady in nevada. More usa made products! wahoo!! the flairs are a yellow sunburst and green and white stars.

you will receive 3 feet of ribbon and you will receive 1 foot of each. they are a yellow grosgrain, blue/green striped grosgrain, and an ivory seashell twill. 

also included is a pink lace manilla shipping tag, a white mini tag, a white folded file tab, 2 chalkboard file tabs and 4 shades of of yellow and orange plastic clips. a sheet containing 36 green enamel dots is included as is a sheet of yellow and orange alpha stickers. there's 168 alpha stickers. finally, we have a sheet of 7 ticket stickers.

the paper crafting kit retails for $34.95. subscribers pay $37.95 which includes priority mail for shipping. subscribers also receive a $5 discount on their kit. they are guaranteed a kit and their's are shipped out ahead of all others. you can subscribe here

be sure to stop back tomorrow and see what the living life kit will contain! 


inky hot mess has several announcements before we get to the introductions for the july reveal day 1. 

first off, inky hot mess would like to introduce shyra murphy as our creative director! be sure to check out her blog. she will have tons of inky hot mess goodies. her blog can be found here

our second announcement is super fabulous. this month we are introducing a new monthly kit. inky hot mess is happy to introduce our paper crafting kit. paper crafting kits will contain 12"x12" patterned papers and cardstocks along with an assortment of embellishments. the theme may or may not be the same as the living life kit, but they will compliment each other. we will vary the embellishments in each as well.

the third announcement is about our theme kits. inky hot mess has decided to set a day every week for us to add them to the shop instead of random days like we have been. beginning today, all new theme kits will be added to our shop on thursdays at 5 pm est. theme kits will not be added the week the living life and paper crafting kits go live. 

our fourth and final announcement is a series of changes to our monthly subscriptions and the monthly kits. inky hot mess has changed the pricing structure of our monthly subscriptions. 

our living life kit will be $28.95 and that includes priority mail shipping. subscribers also receive a $5 discount on the living life kit. the living life kit will always contain a minimum of 30 cards in a mix of 3"x4" and 4"x6" cards, flair, and wood veneers. the additional embellishments will vary each month. 

to sign up for a living life subscription, click here

our paper crafting kit will be $37.95 and priority mail is included in the price. by being a subscriber, your kit has a $5 discount. the paper crafting kit will always contain at least 10 12"x12" papers and cardstocks along with our flairs and wood veneers. embellishments will vary every month. 

click here to sign up for a paper crafting subscription

all add ons purchased from the 15th until the 19th will ship with your monthly kit. living life and paper crafting subscribers' kits will ship on the 20th. your kits will also be the first orders we ship. 

with both the living life and paper crafting kits, subscriptions are not required! you are guaranteed a kit, receive a discount, priority mail, and orders shipped ahead of the line! 

ps. we've been making several updates to the inky hot mess website and the shop. if you've had some errors, we apologize. we have a few more items to tweak. we anticipate the changes to be completed by the weekend. 

the inky hot mess blog is moving to a new site. we are slowly importing our old blog into this new one and it's taking forever! we thought we would be complete within a few hours, but it's looking like this will take several days or a few weeks. in the mean time, all new posts will only be posted here. the old blog will remain active until we are able to move all the posts and they are published. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

july sale items

for the month of july, inky hot mess has many items on sale! we have tons of glitters, paper packs, stamp, and altoid tins all on sale.

this month we have put all of the theme kits about children on sale. this includes the baby theme kits.

there are five (5) or fewer of each kit available. so don’t wait! they are sure to sell out quickly. once they are gone, they are gone forever!

ready to shop? go to shop.inkyhotmess.com right now! 
be on the look out for a huuuuuuuuge announcement tomorrow afternoon!