Friday, October 31, 2014

Website Update

So far it appears that everything has moved over and is linked properly.....We're still checking on everything from multiple computers to make sure everyone sees what we are seeing. 

If you find any links not working, please contact us! If something isn't loading for you, please contact us! Every category and page has something on it. Nothing should be blank. And they all should load.

On Tuesday, we will release Autumn Harvest and Happy Haunting. We have a surprise with them as well! There's a brand new product for us. Those who love die cutting may be happy. That is all I am going to say about it for now. 

So on Monday, come back here for the sneak peeks to Autumn Harvest and Happy Haunting Living Life Kits!!! Oh and we will have 2 new Paper Crafting Kits! We will be releasing the Family Memory Box and Gratitude Journal kits. They both are being offered as workshops to those local to Inky Hot Mess. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Website Changes

Well, we are ready to move our website! We finished uploading all of the current products and pages today. We didn't think we would get it all done before the weekend. Somebody worked really late last night and all day to make this happen....and by late we mean until after 1 am. That Inky girl is a bit crazy! We love her anyway. 

So tonight we will be working on moving the site. If it goes down, you now know why! Once we are moved and know everything is stable and working properly, we will be releasing Autumn Harvest and Happy Haunting. We are waiting until everything is up and running because we don't want to have disappointed customers.....Inky doesn't want to pull all of her hair out either. 

Wish us luck! Hopefully, this will be easy and everything will go smoothly.....We will post again when we know everything has moved and is up and running. Cross your fingers, toes, eyes, carrots, whatever you have handy! And we're we go........

New Website

So behind the scenes has been crazy busy here at Inky Hot Mess. We've been working on a new website! The new site will have our shopping cart on the same site as the website. This is a huge change for us and we are soooo happy with the results.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to make sure every single item is moved to the new site and the correct info is listed. We have been able to add many more photos to the listings for the items we sell as well.

There's a teeny, tiny change that we hope you'll enjoy. Shipping is changing! Now, don't get worried. Shipping is actually decreasing. We will be dropping our shipping to $6.50 for orders under $100! As always, orders over $100 will receive free shipping. This change will not happen until we are moved to the new site and it is live.

When will we go live with the new site? I honestly, wish we had a definite answer. We do not have a date yet. We do know it will be next week! We are still tweaking things here and there, but it is coming along. And we are thrilled with the results! We hope you will enjoy the new site as much as we do!

Oh and our blog will not be moving. However, we will be adding links to our new site as we post on the blog. We have added and Event Calendar as well. All of our Social Media links are on one page! We are adding an email list as well. Lots of new things!

Here's a sneak peek....

PS I had my final meeting with our new printer this week. And I am happy to say that Autumn Harvest and Happy Haunting will be released early next week! Grace & Gratitude are coming soon! Oops...was that too many hints?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

creative team intros: shyra

today is our last creative into. the last lady has been a scrapbooker for over 13 years and is a full time artist. she also happens to be our creative director. when she's not playing with paper (which isn't often), she can be found looking for a new quilt shop to explore and taking in the local (and no so local) sights. 

you've already seen some of her work and there's plenty more to come. be sure to visit her blog @

here's a little bit about shyra:

she resides in a place that is home to the 11 finger york.

in her words:

"I’m all about capturing the moment. Whether it’s a nephew’s first time picking pumpkins or a sister-in-law graduating from college, there can never be enough photos. The problem with all of our digital photos is that they spend their lifetime stuck on a computer or phone or tablet. The second problem is that those machines frequently die and cost us small fortunes to retrieve them if they are retrievable. Get them printed! Get them backed up! You and your family will be so happy that you did! And that nephew will look back at photos of him picking pumpkins and be amazed at how small he is."

what does she have to say about her style:
 "A little crazy. On the wild side. I like to keep moving. I want to cruise through my albums."

her favorite color:

deep violet

subject she spends her time scrapbooking:

"Nature. I live in an area that is absolutely stunning – 11 lakes, numerous states parks, historic sites everywhere you turn. And then there’s my puppies!"

"When I get stuck or have an idea, but no clue on where to go with it, I check Pinterest first. And if that fails, I head over to my favorite blogs."

dream vacation:

"Hmm…well the NASCAR girl in me says the 2 week beginning of the season that ends with the Daytona 500 and of course Tony Stewart would win. And the second half of the trip would be to Talladega and that 14 car would win again. And if that’s not possible there’s always my dream trip to Ireland to check out a few castles."

favorite product:

"I have to pick just one? My Tiny Attacher from Tim Holtz."

favorite holiday:

"Christmas! I’m so crazy about Christmas that I spend a few days baking cookies the week before Christmas and have a house full of people the weekend of Christmas. Should I mention there’s at least 6 decorated trees in our home at Christmas?"

favorite element of scrapbooking:

"I love mixed media! I have a thing for creating my own journaling cards or jazzing up ones I’ve purchased in kits."

if you could have any scrapbook item - no matter the cost - what would it be?

"OK so this is a big….HUGE item…my own building. My own building so I could have all of my paper crafting and fabric in one space where I could have large classes, crops, and retreats."

who is your scrapbook industry crush?

"Those who are my closest scrapbooking buds often refer to Tim Holtz as my second husband…..shhhh he doesn’t know this little bit of info. Teresa Collins is a love! I met her a few years ago and she is such a wonderful person. I would love to spend a day with her."

something crazy fun about you:

"When I’m not causing havoc in the Finger Lakes, I’m up in the Adirondacks hanging out on a lake or down in North Carolina checking out a NASCAR race. Oh and I have a teeny tiny thing for that singer/guitar guy named David Cook."

how to find shyra:






you can find all of our creative team at:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

creative team intros: mandy

today we are introducing the last addition to our creative team. we are beginning with an amazing artist who resides in the west. please welcome mandy! mandy loves her papers and fabrics. she will have pieces on our facebook page very soon! in the meantime, please visit her blog @

a little bit about mandy:

she resides out west in california.

in her words:
"I am a 39 mother of two. My oldest daughter Chiyanne will be 22 in Dec and my son Cordell just turned 16 in August. I have 3 rescue Bulldogs that are the love of my life :) ..I also have one grand puppy named Ewok who is a Shih Tzu ..I have an awesome husband Tim who makes sure I have everything I want. He is so supportive of everything I do and I really lucked out :) I'm a stay at home mom ( I think I'll change that title to stay at home wife in two years when my son graduates) lol! I also quilt. "

what does she have to say about her style:
 "I like simple and fun"

her favorite color:

subject she spends her time scrapbooking:

"My favorite subject has to be my Project Weekly. Just our everyday normal things."

"I tend to find inspiration from my photos. Once I lay them all out mind goes crazy on what colors and embellishments I want to use."

dream vacation:

"My dream vacation would be to go on an African Safari"

favorite product:

"My favorite product are stickers, any of them. Chipboard, 3D, Thickers"

favorite holiday:

"Christmas is by far my favorite the atmosphere. Colors, smells, Santa, reindeer :) "

favorite element of scrapbooking:

"My favorite element of Scrapbooking is just being creative, using what is in my "stash" :)"

if you could have any scrapbook item - no matter the cost - what would it be?

"I really want the Silhouette Cameo"

who is your scrapbook industry crush?

"I would love to spend the day Scrapbooking with normal people ..the men and women who just want to have a good time..laugh and joke. They wouldn't be snobby they would just want to share in the good time that can be had by all with this wonderful hobby :)"

something crazy fun about you:

"I am a total Disney fanatic and I really suck at grammar :)"

how to find mandy:







you can find all of our creative team at:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Upcoming Workshops

Are you located in the Finger Lakes, Central NY, or Western NY, you're in luck! Inky Hot Mess has 3 brand new workshops!!!!! Run over to Inky Hot Mess and sign up!

These workshops are being offered in October and November:

Family Memory Box 

Perfect for saving holiday and family favorite recipes along with photos, notes, and memorabilia for days such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. These make for great wedding gifts as well.

The Family Memory Box kit includes1 4x6 kraft recipe card box, 36 recipe cards, 69 die cuts, 8 die cut cards, all papers pre-cut to size, Rose Gold Stickles, Vintage Photo Distress Ink, Viva Ferro Gold, and 8 divider cards.
Supplies to bring with you: Tim Holtz’ Tiny Attacher & Refills, 1” foam brush, baby wipes, liquid adhesive such as Tombow’s Aqua Mono Liquid Adhesive, and tape runner adhesive.
Family Memory Box Workshop is October 28th 1 pm - 3:30 pm OR 7 pm - 9:30 pm. The cost is $28 plus tax. There is shipping if we are mailing your kit to you. 

Gratitude Journal 
What are you thankful for this year? Thanksgiving is the day we celebrate with our families.....some do some shopping...sigh....put the iPad down and enjoy the pumpkin pie grandma baked with fresh pumpkins grown in her garden. Maybe next year she'll teach you how to grow pumpkins or make pumpkin pie.

The Gratitude Journal kit includes 4 wood veneers, 60 enamel dots, 12x12 sheet of cardstock stickers, 2 die cuts, 6 6x8 cards, 26 4x6 cards, 32 3x4 cards, 4 2x8 cards, and Orange Snap Binder includes 6x8 binder, 10 page protectors, 3 chipboard dividers, and 8 pages. Also included are Iced Spruce Distress Stain, Ripe Persimmon Distress Stain, Antique Linen Distress Stain, and Maya Gold Orange-Gold.
Supplies to bring with you: Tim Holtz’ Tiny Attacher & Refills, 1” foam brush, baby wipes, liquid adhesive such as Tombow’s Aqua Mono Liquid Adhesive, scissors, pop dots/foam tape, and tape runner adhesive.
Gratitude Journal Workshop is November 4th 1 pm - 3:30 pm OR 7 pm - 9:30 pm. The cost is $35 plus tax. There is shipping if we are mailing your kit to you. 
Jazzy Clipboards 
Clipboards that decorated with pretty papers, ribbons, and buttons. They have many choices available so there's one that totally fits your style.

The Jazzy Clipboard kit includes a MDF clipboard, pre-cut papers, ribbons, buttons, and Mod Podge.
Supplies to bring with you: 1” foam brush, baby wipes, glue dots, scissors, and tape runner adhesive.
Jazzy Clipboard Workshop is November 11th 1 pm - 3:30 pm OR 7 pm - 9:30 pm. The cost is $15 plus tax. There is shipping if we are mailing your kit to you. 
All of the workshops are being offered locally as well as a kit that we will mail to you. Yes, the kits have instructions with photos!

If you do not have all the supplies needed, please let us know in advance so we can help you out. Items such as the Tiny Attacher and refills, Viva's mixed medias, and Tombow's Liquid Adhesive are available in our online shop. We will email you links for all of the items we use above registration. 

Now, run over to Inky Hot Mess! There are a VERY limited number of Family Memory Box and Gratitude Journal Workshops available. Once they sell out, they are gone forever.

We will share photos with you tomorrow!  Happy creating! :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

croppin' on the keuka photos

croppin' on the keuka was a great crop! we had amazing weather. and there was a lake right in front of us. some croppers went for walks along the lake. one spent some time on the swings. 

this is the sign from nys parks holding our space.

a cropper holding her goodie bag items. she couldn't get enough of the lake! 

sunset on keuka lake. 

the door prizes and goodie bag items. 

goodie bag items.

door prizes.

items from the inky hot mess shop for sale. 

goodies inky hot mess brought from our shop for sale.

someone's a little happy about winning these markers! she just looooooves glitter. 

a sailboat went by while we were cropping. what a stunning view!

a cropper working hard on her project life album. 

there's that lake again! love it!!! 

aren't you sad you missed croppin' on the keuka? don't worry. you'll have a chance again next year.

creative team intros: candace

today we are kicking off our creative team intros. we are beginning with an amazing artist who resides in the west. her name is candace and she has quite the portfolio! pocket scrapbooking isn't all that she does. you will see her work in the near future. in the meantime, please visit her blog @

here's a little bit about candace:

she resides in a place that's a tad on the toasty side....arizona.

in her words:
"This is me.  I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a friend.  My days are filled with cleaning dishes, driving kids to practice, kissing boo boos, singing nursery songs, calling a friend, folding mounds of  laundry, cleaning the dishes AGAIN, washing tushies and toes, tucking little ones in bed, and then doing it all again.  But in the crazy, in the busy, in the sometimes unbearably frustrating there is everyday perfection.  Moments where time seems to stop, you take a picture in your mind, and promise yourself you will never forget. Everyday perfection.  It is my hope that I can inspire others to notice those moments of everyday perfection and capture them."

what does she have to say about her style:
 "I like layers but I like it to still feel clean….make sense?  Kinda like organized chaos. "

her favorite color:

subject she spends her time scrapbooking:
"I most like to capture the everyday moments.  I love that my cell phone is always at arms reach so I can snap a quick picture.  Just the other day I finished feeding my baby and as he was falling asleep in my arms he started making little sounds that sounded like a little song.  My heart melted and I snapped a quick picture so I would not forget the moment."

"Whenever I need to get my creative juices flowing I will go to youTube, Pinterest or go to some blogs of other crafty women that inspire me."

dream vacation:
"At this point in my life I am going to say any vacation that is kid free.  (Love em, but lets be real…)"

favorite product:
"This is like choosing a favorite child…I can’t choose just one, I love them all!"

favorite holiday:
"I am going to have to go cliche on this one and say Christmas.  It is the smells, the colors, the lights, the songs and spending time with family.  (Halloween is a close second, so fun to dress up and it just so happens to be my birthday!)"

favorite element of scrapbooking:
"I think for a long time it has just been about the story to me, scrapbooking the story.  In recent years however, so many amazing products have come out that help anyone create works of art in their own home.  I have really fallen in love with mixed media and stamping because in the last few years they have come so far!"

if you could have any scrapbook item - no matter the cost - what would it be?
"I would have to say a good collection of copic markers.  Yummy!"

who is your scrapbook industry crush?
"Cards and mixed media techniques, Jennifer McGuire…AMAZING!  Pocket page scrapbooking Stephanie Bryan, clean and simple.  Traditional layouts Nichol Magourik, lots of die cutting and stepping outside the box or Wilna Furstenberg, mixed media.. AMAZING!"

something crazy fun about you:
"When I am not chasing kids or scrapbooking I teach aerobic classes at a bunch of local gyms in phoenix.  Also, if I could have any job in the world I would be on Broadway.  I don’t sing or dance but I can’t imagine a more fun, and exciting job than doing just that in front of thousands of people!"

how to find candace:




you can find all of our creative team at:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

new products 10/09

this week we have a few new products we are introducing at inky hot mess. first up, we have generic atg refills. they are acid free and are 36 yards long and 1/4" wide. the refills can be found here.

generic atg refills
there's a new stamp this week as well. it's the everyday roller phrase stamp from october afternoon's daily phrase collection. here is where you will found our stamps.

the everyday roller stamp phrases are: snapshots, smile, instagrammed, picture perfect, documented, this moment, true story, photos enclosed, la la la la love you, this is good stuff, the story begins, and today & everyday.

we have 2 wood veneers from lawn fawn now available. first up, is the fall leaves assortment. you can grab these here.

this is the snowflake assortment. they can be found here.

those are all the new goodies this week! check back every thursday to see what new items we have in stock. next week, we will have a new paper crafting kit that is a recipe box that's perfect for sharing recipes at your thanksgiving get together.

flair giveaway winner!

remember our flair giveaway? well, we have a winner! 

congrats to jenshubby: 

Jenshubby said...
These would be PERFECT for hiking and camping pictures! Very neat. Thank you for the giveaway!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

adventure seeker add ons

inky hot mess is proud to offer the following 4 add on items that coordinate with our adventure seeker living life kit. first up, we have the expedition debossing folders from tim holtz and sizzix. 

there are 6 different debossing folders.

they include the phrases adventure, journey, discover, explore, go see do, and found.

we have 3 new stamps for you this round. our first stamp is a phrase roller stamp. 

the travel roller stamp is from october afternoon's daily flash catch-phrase collection.

there are 12 different phrases on the roller stamp.

the phrases include the weather was..., itinerary, my adventure, scenic route, destination, daily notes, discoveries, location, let's go, arrival time, i was here (with 3 arrows), and see the world.

need some outdoor clear stamps? well, kaisercraft has come to your rescue! the outdoor trail stamps coordinate with the kaisercraft cards in the adventure seeker living life kit. 

there are 8 clear stamps in this set.

we have a second set of stamps from kaisercraft.

pack your bags comes in a clear zipper bag for storage. there are 12 clear stamps in this set.

 you can find the adventure seeker add ons here. remember, all of our items are available at our shop

adventure seeker living life kit

the adventure seeker living life kit is here! if you love the great outdoors, this kit is for you! 

inky hot mess is thrilled to make 2 introductions with the adventure seeker kit. our first intro is our flair. inky hot mess is now designing and assembling our own flair. they will not be available for sale outside of inky hot mess. they are exclusive to inky hot mess!

our second intro are our very own journaling cards. inky hot mess is now designing our journaling cards and having them printed locally. these are exclusive to us as well. 

this is how all of the living life kits from inky hot mess come to you packaged:

inside the paper bag are the goodies wrapped in our signature deep violet tissue paper:

we like to wrap your items a couple of times to make sure everything arrives safe and sound. the cards come in a separate bag from the embellishments:

a closer look at the embellishments included in the adventure seeker living life kit:

here are the 3x4 cards and the 4x6 cards packaged together:

there are 40 cards included this month! quick shot of all the cards included in this kit:

the 4x6 cards are from simple stories' under the stars, authentique's adventure, and the 3 cards on the right are exclusively designed by inky hot mess. these are the 11 4x6 cards in adventure seeker:

a close up of 4 of the 4x6 cards from adventure and under the stars:

the remaining 4 4x6 cards from under the stars:

and our favorite part of the adventure seeker's 4x6 cards! we have designed these 3 cards.

the top card is a quintessential journaling card. in the banner, it says," live. love. camp." the center card is a buck peering out from the pine trees in the woods. the bottom card has pine trees growing at the base of a series mountains. 

here are 12 of the 3x4 cards from under the stars and adventure:

here are 12 3x4 cards from under the stars and kaisercraft's outdoor trail:

the remaining 6 3x4 cards from outdoor trail:

we're very excited about the final 6 3x4 cards because they were designed by inky hot mess! none of our cards will be sold outside of inky hot mess. they are forever exclusive to us! 

the details about these fabulous cards! the upper lefthand card contains pinecones and says, "The Great Outdoors." the upper center card has bear paw prints and says, "adventure." the upper righthand card has a bear trotting through the woods by some birch trees. 

the card on the bottom left has a canoe and says, "explore." the center card is the night sky with stars and the phrase "under the stars" is under the sky and stars. the bottom right card has a mason jar with glowing fireflies and says, "got fireflies?" are these just adorable or what? 

now we can't forget about the embellishments! a scrapper can never have enough of them. here they all are on display:

there are 2 sets of stickers in adventure seeker. the first set, is a green petite alpha set from authentique. secondly, we have the sightseeing stew stickers from jillibean soup.

also included is 1 yard of burlap, 1 foot cream saddle stitch grosgrain ribbon, and 1 foot of blue and chocolate striped grosgrain ribbon.

tags! there are 5 tags in 2 colors in this kit. there is a large and a small kraft tag. in addition, we have included a large, medium, and small chocolate tag.

jillibean soup has recently introduced these fun little diddies they've named placemats. a full package of star light star bright is included.

all of the placemats are 3x4 die cut cards. each kit comes with all 6 cards.

we here at inky hot mess love die cuts. what we are not super fans of is popping the die cuts out of their sheets because it can take a long time and take our time away from scrapbooking. authentique released a cute set of die cuts in their adventure collection. here's the fun part....we've already popped all of them for you! they even come in a separate bag so all the pieces are contained together.

there are 18 die cuts. each one is so perfect for celebrating the great outdoors!

studio calico has lots of great embellishments including chipboard stars. we added a package of 24 blue and aqua chipboard stars to adventure seeker.

there's a bag of embellishments inside the main bag of embellishments. there's quite the mix in this bag including twist ties, wood veneers, and shaped clips.

included are 5 kraft twist ties:

as well as a black arrow clip and a white arrow clip:

and a tree clip:

finally, in this bag are 2 wood veneers from maya road. they are tree branches (*please note these veneers are not inky hot mess veneers):

inky hot mess loves veneers. so much so that we sought out a craftsman in the usa to make them for us. all of our veneers are handmade in the usa. the veneers in adventure seeker are made from cherry so they are a bit darker in color.

when you spend time outdoors, you're sure to see some clouds in the sky occasionally. 

geotags are very popular and perfect for marking a map with your destination and whereabouts. 

geo clips are a fun and festive addition to your journaling cards.

sign posts are a common sight on trails and in campgrounds.

the woods are full of pine trees.

arrows can be found on compasses and on signs.

this little camper reminds inky of her grandparents' camper.

flair!! inky hot mess is totally in love with flair. we love it so much so that we decided to design and assemble are own flair. that's right. all of our flair is exclusive to inky hot mess. there are 6 flairs included in the adventure seeker living life kit.

here are some close ups.... of the bear paw print:

roughin' it:

pine tree:



adventure awaits:

so that is everything contained in the adventure seeker living life kit. if you have photos from the outdoors that need to be scrapbooked, this is the kit you need! if you don't have any photos from the outdoors, what are you waiting for? get outside and take some photos. just make sure you print them and scrap them. photos aren't happy living on phones and computers. they want to be shared with the world. 

looking to purchase an adventure seeker kit? here you go. go to our shop and have a little party!