Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Rewards Program

Beginning on January 1st, all customers will be eligible for the new Inky Rewards. Online shoppers are eligible as well!

Here's the lowdown....

No cards to keep track of!

No keeping track of receipts! 

No points collecting!

Our new system keeps track of everything for you as long as you use the same email address with each order.

Simply spend $300 in 5 orders or more and you will receive a $15 discount on your next order. Sales tax and shipping are excluded from the $300. Sorry, orders with discounts/sales/clearance items are not eligible.

Have questions? Send us an email and we'll get back to you! Happy shopping! And Happy 2015!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Scrapping Ideas #5

Today we are giving you our final idea list for December. We know there were a bunch of lists, but some work better for others so we wanted to share something for everyone. You can also save the lists and use them during the winter or next December. They may also help you with journaling. 

  1. Favorite Christmas movie
  2. Wish Lists
  3. A copy of the Letter to Santa
  4. Santa breakfast
  5. Family traditions
  6. Family recipes
  7. Holiday cards
  8. Crazy weather
  9. Opening presents
  10. Christmas Eve
  11. Christmas morning
  12. Christmas dinner

We'll have some lists for January that will focus on the new year and winter.....winter has seriously arrived at the Inky Hot Mess studio! We've received about 8 inches of snow in the last day! And it's snowing again. The view from our studio....Yeah that is Inky's SUV buried. She's waiting for a magical fairy to appear to clean it off. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Scrapping Ideas #4

Ready for more December scrapbooking ideas? Well, we are ready so let's go!
  1. fireplace
  2. holiday movies
  3. stars
  4. wreath
  5. kissing ball
  6. mistletoe
  7. pinecones
  8. sleigh
  9. sled
  10. snowman
  11. village
  12. candles
  13. gifts under the tree
  14. ornaments
  15. bows
  16. front door
  17. Christmas cards
  18. crafting
  19. candy cane
  20. tree topper
  21. gazebo
  22. Christmas sweater
  23. advent wreath
  24. advent calendar
  25. tinsel
  26. garland
  27. family
  28. gingerbread
  29. cookies
  30. holly
  31. santa hat
  32. ice skating
  33. paper chains
  34. popcorn strung up
  35. nativity
  36. north pole
  37. icicles
  38. hats
  39. mittens
  40. scarves
  41. winter boots
  42. snowsuit
  43. polar express
  44. tree skirt
  45. eggnog
  46. gift exchange
  47. cookie exchange
  48. hot chocolate
  49. chestnuts
  50. snow angel
  51. holiday cheer
  52. Dicken's A Christmas Carol
  53. Christmas play
  54. stockings
There will be one more list tomorrow! See you then.

Friday, December 5, 2014

December Scrapping Ideas #3

Today our ideas for the December Daily or December Photo Checklist are all about color and texture. Got your camera ready? Off we go! 

  1. something red.
  2. something white.
  3. something green.
  4. something silver.
  5. something gold.
  6. something glitter.
  7. something sparkle.
  8. something plaid.
  9. something flannel.

Get creative! Something sparkle could be a jewel or an ornament or a sparkle in an eye. 

New Products 12/04/14

Have you seen what goodies Inky Hot Mess has released recently? We have been adding products left and right to our store. Lots more to come. We'll be adding new products every Thursday for the rest of the year!

Items now in stock:

Copper Liquid Pearls

Silver Maya Gold 

Warm & Cozy 6x6 Paper Pad

Peppermint Swirl Captured Moments 3x4 Cards

Peppermint Swirl Captured Moments 4x6 Cards

Basecoat ChristmasCaptured Moments 3x4 Cards

Basecoat ChristmasCaptured Moments 4x6 Cards

Scrumptious Sentiments Stickers

Be sure to stop back next Thursday to see what's new in the Inky Hot Mess shop! We have lots and lots of embellishments on order.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Scrapping Ideas #2

If you're doing a December Daily, we've got more suggestions for you today! Today we're caroling away. Here we go...

  1. jingle bells. jingle bells can found in so many places! on horses aka sleigh bells. i seriously have a pair of christmas socks with jingle bells. we have tons of decorations we hang in our house that are made form jingle bells. i have a teeny tiny itty bitty thing for jingle bells.
  2. let it snow. can't find the real thing? no sweat. find someone who has a little village and the cotton batting all over. or you could get a bag of snow from hobby lobby and go outside (that's important!) and throw it at each other for some fun. why outside? no sweeping necessary!
  3. 12 days of christmas. ok so there's 12 things here! way to knock out half the month! you may not be able to find a partridge, but how about shopping for the turkey or cornish game hen for christmas dinner? 2 turtle doves. i'd be sneaky with this one and take some pics of turtles at a pet shop. 3 french hens....chicken dinner this month? 4 calling birds....what the heck is a calling bird? make a sign and have a family member hold it up. 5 golden rings would be awesome for this! both sets... 6 geese a could stalk some canadian geese nearby or if you're lucky like me the snow geese will be here soon. if you have a goose for christmas dinner or someone is in a christmas carol, this would be pretty jazzy. 7 swans a swimming...well in the spring we have swans here. i live in a huge area for birds who migrate. swan ornaments? plastic swans floating in the town pond? 8 maids a milking....get creative with this one. i know most of us don't have access to a milking parlor at a farm, but if you do go have some fun! do you make ice cream? make whipped cream? wow that sounds so good right now....have an ice cream treat this month and photograph it...pop on 8 ice cream cone stickers and call it done. hehehe. 9 ladies dancing....go have a ladies night out...or dance with your daughter/mom/sister/aunt/grandma. 10 lords a leaping...i can only imagine how much fun little boys would have if you told them to jump as much as they want. 11 pipers piping.....go to a concert. 12 drummers drumming....go to another concert...parade... 
  4. boughs of holly. make sure you take tons of photos of your home decorated. i like doing this twice. once when everything is lit up and once with the lights all unplugged. why? side by side, the difference is usually pretty neat. 
  5. dashing through the snow. go sledding!
  6. walking in a winter wonderland. go snowshoeing or cross country skiing or just go for a walk during a snowfall or right after. i love snow photos because they're so bright. they seem so happy.
  7. 'twas the night before christmas. take photos of your children reading or on christmas eve when they open that one present that's a teaser.
  8. deck the halls. go tour a historic home that's decorated for the holidays.
  9. god rest ye merry gentlemen. children love staying up late to wait for santa and then there's christmas night when many of us stay up too late because we're enjoying all of of new treasures. photos of the kids in crazy positions because they fell asleep is just darn cute!
  10. joy to the world. find something that brings you joy. your morning cup of coffee. a puppy or kitten. your children. your significant other. your grandparents. your car. your mailman. the coca~cola delivery guy at your grocery store. or cheerwine if you're obsessed with it like me...for those who don't know...cheerwine is not wine or any type of alcohol. it's this amazing wild cherry soda made in north carolina. you can find it at cracker barrel. 
  11. o christmas tree. decorate that tree baby! don't forget to take photos along the way while reminiscing about the ornaments. make sure to snag one of the tree topper going on! 
  12. o holy night. now if you're religious, there's only about a million things that work for this. but i wasn't going there. i was thinking about photos taken at night...outside would be awesome. a flash may or may not be needed. some of my favorite photos are dark and full of shadows because they're outside and it's evening.
  13. little drummer boy. my brother loooooooved this song when he was little. he would beg to hear it all christmas long. he would listen to it over and over and over. my grandmother still has his ornament of the little drummer boy. take some photos of your brother. if you don't have a brother, grab your dad, grandfather, husband/boyfriend, uncle, etc. a male relative i guess is what i'm trying to say. 
  14. frosty the snowman. go build a snowman with the kids and bring your camera. make sure they get pics of you in the snow as well.
  15. silver bells. find a family heirloom to take a treasured photo of....hint hint....grandparents and parents are lovely and they've probably already made it to their silver anniversary.
  16. rockin' around the christmas tree. sing and dance with the kids/family while listening to your favorite christmas songs.
  17. carol of the bells. do the kids go caroling? have a school concert? a christmas pageant at church? make sure you snap away at those events!
  18. away in a manger. take a photo of your nativity scene, your town's live nativity, or your church's nativity.
  19. silent night. take some family photos while everyone is quiet while watching tv, studying, playing, etc. sneak up and get some great shots that no one knows about.
Come back tomorrow when we talk color and texture. Sounds fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Scrapping Ideas #1

December is a crazy month for so many of us. There's so much to do and so many places to go. Photos are key to keeping those memories we've made during our craziest busy moments. A photo checklist can be super handy! It also gives you ideas of what moments to capture forever. 

Our list is going to take a few days. Instead of giving you 25+ ideas at one time, we're going to give you 10-12 each day so you have time to think about what you'd really like to cherish and what moments you will have to opportunity to photograph this month.

  1. Choosing the tree or setting the tree up. This depends on if you go out to the woods and cut down your tree, purchase a tree at a farmstand, or take your tree out of your attic or basement and stand it up. 
  2. Decorating the tree. Don't forget to take photos of putting the lights on the tree and sorting them out if you don't have a pre-lit tree. Many giggles can be had while sorting the lights out.
  3. Visiting Santa. A trip to the mall, local American Legion, Bass Pro Shop, parade, wherever you see Santa. Don't forget to take one of Santa by himself without your children.
  4. Reindeer. Now this one may be a bit tricky, but they don't have to be real live reindeer. The light up ones in someone's front yard work perfectly as well.
  5. Elves. If you do Elf on the Shelf, you have over 3 weeks worth of photo ops! If not, look for an elf at the mall, Toys R Us, anywhere!
  6. Caroling. Even if you don't walk around the neighborhood singing, make sure you have photos of your loved ones singing at home, at church, at a school concert. 
  7. Baking. Whether you bake cookies from scratch or open up a tube of Pillsbury cookies, have some fun and be a little crazy.
  8. Shopping. Online shopping isn't as fun as shopping at the mall with a group of friends, but live on the edge.
  9. Decorating your home. Inside and out.
  10. Wrapping presents. Get crafty with some paper and bows.
That should get you started! Come back tomorrow more ideas.