Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Series Introductions

Today Inky Hot Mess is introducing two new series. Inky has been hard at work behind the scenes and she is thrilled to being these new series to you! We will be expanding on them each month.

Our first new series is I Love New York. Inky absolutely loves living in New York. She relocated elsewhere for a few years and was incredibly homesick so when the opportunity arose to move back to New York, she jumped at it. Now she's in the Finger Lakes and feels like she's sitting in heaven every day.

I Love New York will feature different regions of New York. There's so much more to our wonderful state than New York City and so many people sadly miss out on so many things. Today we are kicking off this series with the Finger Lakes. We have 2 flair collections that showcase all 11 Finger Lakes.

Remember, all of the Inky Hot Mess flair is 100% Made in the USA! We are very proud of that. Our flair is also hand assembled in the USA right in our studio in the Finger Lakes.

The Finger Lakes Flair Collection: Lake Names contains 13 pieces of flair. There are 11 Finger Lakes and 2 extra flair that say Finger Lakes. In the photo, we have arranged the pieces from east to west. People often ask about the names and how to pronounce the names. The names are all Iroquois. Each lake has it's own translation. We'll share more about that in the future! We won't give you annunciation lessons online. And really, Skaneateles Lake is not a tricky one to pronounce once you learn. neither is Canandaigua Lake. Spellchecker really dislikes these names! It must give spellchecker little heart attacks whenever it sees us type them.

The Finger Lakes Flair Collection: The Lakes contains 12 pieces of flair. This collection includes the 11 Finger Lakes and 1 piece that says Finger Lakes in the same font. Each piece of flair (minus the Finger Lakes one) has an image of the lake and the name of the lake laid over it.

Our second series introduction is called Inky's Travels. Inky is designing scrapbooking items based on her travels! Everything from the Finger Lakes can be found in here. We are introducing the Great Lakes this month.

The Great Lakes Flair Collection: Lake Names contains 8 pieces of flair. There are 5 Great Lakes, Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, and Saint Lawrence Seaway pieces.

We will be adding to both I Love New York and Inky's Travels again in February. If travel is your thing, make sure to stop back on February 28th! Will it be flair? Will it be embellishments? Will it be journaling cards? Where will the be? Only Inky knows and she's not sharing with anybody just yet. All we know is that she is holed up doing research.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday's New Items 01-29-15

We know you've been waiting for our journaling cards to be available digitally. Well, today is the day! They are now available. We will release the cards for each Living Life kit in a digital format the month following their release going forward. On February 15th, the Just Because Living Life cards will be available digitally.

We are also giving you two options. Option 1 is to purchase the Digital Journaling Cards as PDF files. This option is perfect for those who prefer to print at home or at a place such as Staples.

Option 2 is to purchase the Digital Journaling Cards as individual png files. This option is perfect for digital scrapbookers or for those who wish to print their cards on paper larger than 8 1/2" xx11".

Today we have 3 Living Life collections that we are releasing as Digital Journaling Cards. First up, we have Adventure Seeker. There are 2 collections available for Adventure Seeker.

The first one contains all of the cards from our Adventure Seeker Living Life collection.

The second one contains all of the cards from the Adventure Seeker Journaling Card & Flair Kit. Each collection contains different cards and both include 3"x4" and 4"x6" cards.

Up next is Autumn Harvest. There are four collections. There are 2 collections for the 3"x4" cards and 2 collections for the 4"x6" cards.

Our final Digital Journaling Card release today is Happy Haunting. There are two files for Happy Haunting. There is one for the 3"x4" cards and one for the 4"x6" cards.

Just a reminder. Just Because will be released digitally on February 15th. All Living Life journaling cards will be released digitally a month after the Living Life release.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Inky Hot Mess is on Etsy!

Inky Hot Mess is proud to say our Etsy shop is back up and running! Our Etsy Shop will feature our exclusive products. We will be adding more items over time. If you'd like to order custom flair, check our Etsy Shop.

We've also been busy cleaning up our Pinterest. Some changes have happened. Inky is working on being more active on our Pinterest page. She has added a few new boards. Rumor has it there will be a new board tomorrow. Thursday's New Items will be products exclusive to Inky Hot Mess!

On January 31st, Inky Hot Mess will be releasing a new, exclusive product. This product will be part of a series. You may have seen a teaser on our Instagram earlier this week. Here's the sneak peek again:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday's New Items 01-22-15

Welcome to Thursday's New Items for January 22, 2015! We have a nice mix of new items for you this week. Let's get started!

First up, we have 2 new clips! Both of the clips are from Maya Road. We have the Banner Love Clip and the Mason Jar Clip available individually.

We have added the Legacy Bits & Pieces die cuts from Simple Stories to our shop this week. 

Love enamel dots? You've come to the right place! Inky Hot Mess has added another set. Sweater Weather Enamel Dots from Simple Stories are now available.

There are 2 new items from the Legacy collection from Simple Stories now in our store. We added the Legacy Pockets and the Legacy Cuts.

Are you a Stickles fan? Holly Stickles is up for grabs right now!

More from Simple Stories. We love the Legacy collection and added the Legacy Pages and  the Legacy Recipe Dividers Pages.

If you use the 6"x8" Binders from Simple Stories, you're in luck. We have 3 pocket page refills now available. The 3 different refill packs available are Sn@p Insta-Pocket Pages Variety Pack RefillSn@p Pocket Pages 4"x6" Refills, and Sn@p Pocket Pages 6"x8" Variety Pack Refill.

For the paper fans out there, we have several new 6"x6" paper pads from Carta Bella and KaiserCraft. From Carta Bella, we now have A Perfect Autumn.  If you enjoy crafting with specialty papers, then the paper pads from KaiserCraft were made for you. We have Merry & Bright, Christmas Carol, Twig & Berry, St Nicholas, and Pack Your Bags

Have family recipes? Simple Stories has come out with Legacy Recipe Cards.

Calling all stampers! Love clear stamps? We have two new clear stamp sets this week. If you need a calendar, be sure to check out Calendar from KaiserCraft or Date DIY Journaling from Simple Stories. 

Well, those are our new goodies for the week. Happy crafting!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just Because Flair Collections

With the introduction of the Just Because Living Life, we have released 30 pieces of flair! Yes, 30! We were very busy designing and assembling flair this month. All of the Inky Hot Mess brand flair is designed, printed, and assembled in the USA. All of the components used to assemble to pieces are also 100% Made in the USA!

Two pieces of flair are not for sale. They are exclusives for subscribers. Yes, there is still time to sign up for a Living Life Subscription and start off with Just Because. The two pieces for subscribers take elements directly from the Just Because journaling cards. The striped triangle and "Always and Forever" are perfect for so many photos!

The Just Because Living Life collection includes two pieces of flair. We have included "Live Laugh Live" and Couple with Hands in Air.

In addition, we have created 5 flair collections! The first collection contains 8 pieces of flair. Included are "Just Because", Red & Teal Stripes, Just Because Zigzags, Embracing Couple, Entwined Hearts, "Butterfly Kisses", Love Speech Bubble, and "Milk and Cookies".

The second collection contains 4 pieces of flair. It's all about home. We have included "Heart and Home", Couple with Bouquet, Love Bed, and Love House.

Collection #3 also has 4 flairs. This collection contains Teal Criss Cross, Hearts Arrow, Love Arrow, and Love Letter.

There are 4 flairs in the fourth collection. Collection #4 contains Heart Spiro, "You & Me", Purple & Teal Chevron, and Dad with Child on Shoulders.

The fifth collection is made up of 6 flairs. In this collection, you will find Couple in Love, Teal with Red Polka Dots, Young Couple, Heart Clover, Beach Chairs with Umbrella, and Love Heart.

Check back tomorrow for more introductions from Just Because! There are plenty of new items still to come. They all are available in our store right now!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Adventure Seeker Layouts

Our Creative Director, Shyra, spent last weekend at a weekend crop. She used Adventure Seeker Living Life and wanted to share with you how she used some of the kit.

Chimney Rock State Park in Chimney Rock, North Carolina is a very interesting park! If you're into geology, stones, crazy trails, and looking at the world from the sky, Chimney Rock State Park needs to be on your must see list! We spent a good part of the day at the park checking it out. I've never stood on top of a rock thousands of feet in the air and looked down at the world below me. I'm not a huge fan of heights, but this is an experience!

I have two layouts to share with you from this trip. They were taken by my husband. He went on some of the trails I wasn't physically able to go on. Big sad face! I used Adventure Seeker Living Life from Inky Hot Mess for these layouts.

The kit comes with journaling cards and lots of embellishments. The "Back to Nature" card I used as is. I took a piece of yellow cardstock and jazzed it up with some of the embellishments from Adventure Seeker Living Life. I even did some journaling! See I told you I am working on that journaling thing. :) The pocket that is 6"x8" has a piece of scrapbook paper in it. It was once a 12"x12" sheet and I cut it down.

I only had 2 photos left and had to figure out a way to use them and make it look interesting with journaling cards. I still used Adventure Seeker Living Life. I had plenty of cards left! I also embellished a card. Most of them I used as they are. The one called "October" I journaled on. I used my iPhone at the crop to find some trivia about the Chimney Rock. To finish the card, I added a mini paper clip that was in the embellishment bag. I made one card using cardstock. I used a sticker and the sign post veneer. Simple yet it gives me some texture.