Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Flair Additions: Cape Cod

You've been waiting and they are here! Phase 1 of Cape Cod Flair is ready for purchasing! There are 12 different Cape Cod towns and a collection of all 12 now available.

We'll just show you what's available.....no point in rambling on, right?

Hyannis Flair:

Dennis Flair:

Bourne Flair:

Yarmouth Flair:

Provincetown Flair:

Falmouth Flair:

Sandwich Flair:

Wellfleet Flair:

Truro Flair:

Chatham Flair:

Nantucket Flair:

Martha's Vineyard Flair:

Cape Cod Flair Collection:

Did you notice this is Phase 1? Yeah, Inky was making her list and checking it twice and realized there was no way to design, create, and release her 3 page list all at once. So there will be at least 3 phases to the Cape Cod Flair releases! So come back soon and there will be more. If we missed your town this time, don't worry! More are coming along with Cape Cod activities and lighthouses.

Giveaway Time!

Do you follow Inky Hot Mess on Instagram? Did you seriously just say no? For real??? Well, if you love Cape Cod you need to change that right now. Here's how to find our Instagram: CLICK ME!

Did you start following us on Instagram? Ok so now you can win these sweet new flair! Remember our new product line Inky's Travels? Inky loves to travel and one of her favorite places on earth is Cape Cod. So she decided Cape Cod would be our next release. She has a list about 20 feet long of places, beaches, activities, lighthouses, and famous bridges from Cape Cod so there will be a few phases to Cape Cod.

Phase 1 is being given away on our Instagram! You can only enter to win on our Instagram. We will ship these flair to the USA only. This does include Alaska, Hawaii, and our military bases! A random winner will be chosen on April 6th at 1 pm EST. To enter, you have to like the Cape Cod Flair photo we have up on Instagram and share it. Seriously. That is all you have to do!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday's New Items: 03/26/2015

We're back! It's Thursday and we have several new items for you! Let's get started.

We have 2 new Stickles colors. Inky Hot Mess is now offering Black Diamond Stickles and Platinum Stickles.

New Liquid Pearls! There are 2 new additions - Bisque Liquid Pearls and Onyx Liquid Pearls.

Before you know it, farm season will be in full swing. We have added the Farm Wood Veneers to our shop.

Got chipboard? We do! The Here & There Arrow Chipboard Stickers are now available.

Love Thickers? Yeah, we do, too! We have 3 new Thickers this week and they all are from the Letterman line. We have brought in Black Letterman Thickers, Crimson Letterman Thickers, and Sapphire Letterman Thickers.

That's all for this week. Stop by next week. We have lots of goodies on order and they will be here soon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Creative Team: Shyra

If you follow Inky Hot Mess on Instagram, then you know Inky went on a huge road trip. I was on a research mission and  attended a weekend crop in Raleigh, NC. Because the trip took me so far from home (only around 600 miles away), I needed to figure out a way to attend a crop and bring less stuff and still be able to get a ton done. I figured out a work around! 

Yes, I drive a full size SUV, but between luggage and cropping goodies, space was at a premium. Add in the fact that I was going to Ikea, The Container Store, and several scrapbooking/stamping stores and space was evaporating!I also have this weird thing where I need to be able to see out the back window when driving long distances. 

So in order to work around all of these issues, I seriously limited what I brought with mer. All I brought was one rolling tote, two Iris photo containers, and one 31 bag. Really, that's it. i had 7 transparent albums from Teresa Collins in the rolling tote. Four of them were filled with empty pocket page protectors. The rolling tote also had a craft mat, paper trimmer, Sharpies, Post Its, Project Life Dividers, WRMK 3"x4" punches, and Post It flags. The Iris photo containers held over 3,500 photos. The 31 bag held my Ott Light, powder cords for the iPhone, iPad, and most importantly the iPod. 

Did you notice there weren't any embellishments? No inks? No stamps? No journaling cards? Crazy talk. Those items weren't part of the mission at this crop. This crop had a very specific mission: get all 3,500+ photos in the pocket page protectors. The embellishing will come at local crops and Crop on the Cape which is significantly closer to home and there won't be any pit stops to Ikea or The Container Store along the way. 

So how did I keep track of the photos? Like where they were taken and the dates? To keep every event separated, I used the Dividers from Project Life. I wrote on a Post It the event, location, and date. The Post It notes were attached to the Project Life Dividers. The Dividers are throughout all of my albums. 

Next comes those Post It flags. You can see them in the upper left hand corner in the photo above. I wrote the date on each flag. The colors don't mean anything to me in this case. 

This is me sorting my pics. This is from many years ago back when Milo and Maxx were youngens. Milo was my baby. He's the big dog with lots of black. On my personal blog, there were several postings when I lost him in 2013. I have put off scrapbooking the puppies because of his lose. He is in so many photos and I hurt so badly just looking at them that I put it off until the time felt right.

That time has finally come. I was actually happy looking at so many of the photos. It was wonderful seeing him young and healthy. It's amazing how cancer changes someone. It also ages them at a rapid pace. Cancer sucks. 

I went through several packages of those Post It flags! Seriously, I think I went through 15 or 16 of them over the weekend. Each package has 100 flags. I brought a bunch with me and then I went to the local WalMart and bought every pack they had. Sorry folks! 

I put the flags on each row of pockets on each pocket page protector. Sometimes there were more than one per row. Occasionally, I used only one when it was one of the smaller pocket page protectors - the ones that are smaller than 12"x12".

How do I figure out which pocket page protector to use? I lay out my photos and go from there. It was easier to lay the photos out and see what I had and then find a pocket page protector that would work for my needs. I had to remember that I needed empty pockets for the journaling cards!

I didn't get through all 3,500+ photos at the crop. I almost made it! I did fill up 4 of those transparent albums from Teresa Collins. I used a ton of pocket page protectors. I am completely out of so many. I have reordered them, but my distributor is out of a ton if them. Bummer. I'm hoping they're sitting on the docks in California and will be here soon. The dock strike out there has really held things up for weeks and months. 

Because I was staying another night in Raleigh and it was early, I figured I'd scrapbook in my hotel room. I still had photos left over. I got back to my room by 4:30 and I had already eaten dinner. I ate after the crop so I wouldn't have to go back out. I could just chill in my room with a cold Cheerwine and scrapbook. 

Oh Cheerwine is not wine nor is it any type of alcoholic beverage. Cheerwine is a wild cherry soda. It's from Salisbury, NC and is extremely difficult to find outside of the Carolinas. I can only find it at Cracker Barrel in NY. And Cracker Barrel is over an hour from my house. They are frequently out of it so when I travel and find it, I buy several bottles. I came home with 6 or 7 4-packs plus a 12-pack of cans. I am curious to see if the canned soda taste the same as the glass bottled. See it's the little things in life that make a person happy! 

So I spent the evening watching HGTV and scrapbooking which was a treat since I don't have cable at my house. It is available, but I'd rather spend my money on scrapbooking goodies and traveling. I do have to say that the chair at the desk in my hotel room was one of the most uncomfortable chairs I've ever sat in. I know I broke my tailbone years ago and it's all jacked up and I have back troubles, but man this chair was painful! If you ever see one like it in a store, don't buy it! Your back will thank you!

I worked on several pages of my puppies. I saw lots and lots of Milo. I had a good cry over my boy. That was something I fought really hard a few times at the crop. There are several other family pets that we have lost over the years that were in the photos - Sheba, my Border Collie mix who was rescued from a shelter when she was 7 years old; Oscar, who was our first dog and he was rescued the day be New Year's Eve when he was 14 years old; Moose, my favorite cat who passed away while we were away in Maine celebrating our anniversary; Papillon, who was my hamster I rescued from a shelter; Benny,  the bunny I rescued from a college student who was going to let him loose in the fields at the agriculture college I attended; Snowball, our ferret that we rescued from people who fed him drugs and were just mean to him; Happy, who was our first cat 18 years ago; and Twinkle and Belle, who were cats that we had to rehome unfortunately. Lots of sadness, but there was lots of joy in seeing them all young and healthy!

I am happy to report that I was able to finish those 300 or so photos that night in my hotel room. Album #5 was filled! Now to embellish the 303 pocket page protectors.....more on that project soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Creative Team: Shyra

I found a few more photos that I took of my cards from my last crop. Brace yourselves. I got pretty adventurous with a few of these. I'm still using pieces from the Autumn Harvest Living Life and Adventure Seeker Living Life collections along with pieces from their Add Ons.

Reminders of the collections:

Autumn Harvest Living Life:

Adventure Seeker Living Life:

You really don't have to go to town with each journaling card. There are times I just use them as is or only add a few things. Shocking I know, right?

Here is a whole layout with only 1 card embellished. And it's embellished only a tiny bit. The card all the way on the right is one I made from cardstock and embellishments.

Stars! Love the chipboards stars that came with the Adventure Seeker Living Life. I will be so bummed when I finish off this collection. You can see how much I have enjoyed using it in the blog posts. 

This is how I begin to figure out what cards I need. I put my photos in the pocket page protector I select, then I look through the cards I have that coordinate with what's going on in my pics. These pics are from Clingman's Dome in the Great Smokey Mountains. It was autumn and we went on a hike in the mountains to get to this place.....so I chose autumn colors and embellishments from autumn and the outdoors.

I start by laying out cards in the spaces I need to fill. I may go back and forth on the cards or cardstock a few times until I'm happy. I was happy with the Leaf Peeping card from the Autumn Harvest Living Life. I can tell that because it's in a pocket! 

Then I jazz up the cardstocks. Some embellishments. Some stamping. Make sure you put the date somewhere on either the left or right page! 

Believe it or not, all of those embellishments are available from Inky Hot Mess. Love washi. Love flair. I just love love love love embellishments! And yes, those 4 cardstocks above were used to make these cards. Crazy, right? Be sure to check out the Add Ons. There's lots of coordinating embellishments there! 

This card is so so so simple to make! I just used a piece of 12"x12" paper that I cut down to 4"x6" and embellished it. All of the embellishments came from Adventure Seeker Living Life. And I love my Tiny Attacher!

One thing I am frequently asked is how I attach my wood veneers to my cards. I use a liquid glue and I let the pieces sit for at least an hour before I put them in a page protector. Sometimes I have to let them sit longer. Occasionally, the need to dry overnight. 

I use the Tombow Mono Liquid Glue. You can also use Glossy Accents which is made by Ranger. Inky Hot Mess has both of these liquid adhesives available in their shop.

Well that is all from that crop. Check back soon for more details on my last crop and what I brought with me on my trip to North Carolina to scrapbook!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Sneak Peek #3

It took a long, long time for all of the pieces for our winter themed Living Life collection to arrive. We finally have all of the pieces and parts in stock and have assembled our winter collection. Some may be thinking but winter's over. Well, not here in the northeast! We're actually expecting snow at our studio on Sunday. There are lots and lots of Add Ons for this collection. Just saying. :)

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Creative Team: Mandy

Creative Team Member Mandy is back with another Project Life Process Video. She went to Disneyland and enjoyed that mouse a ton! 

Now be sure to watch the entire video. Several items from Inky Hot Mess make a grand appearance. Mandy made the cutest page to add to her album using several pieces from our Just Because Living Life

Here is the front of the page:

And the back of the page:

Isn't Mandy talented? She took cards and cut them up to make her own embellishments. The flair and veneers are all from Just Because Living Life as are the cards. Here is a link to her video again. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

March Sneak Peek #2!

Rumor has it that there is a holiday coming up that involves an bunny and chocolate. For some there's more to this holiday. For others it's all about the beans....jelly that is. Time for a sneak peek of the March Short Stack collection.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Creative Team: Shyra

She's back! Today Shyra is going to share more with you from that crop she attended. She used lots of pieces and parts from the Autumn Harvest Living Life and Adventure Seeker Living Life collections.

Reminders of the collections:

Autumn Harvest Living Life:

Adventure Seeker Living Life:

Adventure Seeker Embellishment Kit:

Adventure Seeker Journaling Cards & Flair Kit:

Shyra put this photo out on Instagram and over the weekend she shared the journaling cards she made and embellished using these pieces.

Many journaling cards are simply placed into the pocket page protector as is. The 4"x6" one with the acorns and oak leaves need a little something.

She added a sticker and stamped date: on the card. She used a chalk marker to write the date.

 Journaling! Yup, she's doing it!!

Here she used lots of cards. She added little things here and there like stickers and enamel dots. She also journaled. Remember, when she was a traditional scrapbooker, she hated journaling and never really did it.

A little flair added to a journaling card.

That same card in the pocket page protector. 

Break out the cardstock and make whatever you need! A die cut, stickers, mini paper clip, twist ties, wood veneer, and a Tiny Attacher can do wonders!

The card in it's new home! 

We hope you have enjoyed seeing what can be created from a Living Life collection! Come back soon. Shyra has lots more to share from other crops. She has several planned for the year and she has been working hard in her studio to prepare for those crops.