Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Living Life and Short Stack

Unfortunately, we have to delay the release of the Living Life and Short Stack collections this month. There is a delay with one of our manufacturers. We hope to release the new collections on May 1st. There is 1 Living Life collection and 2 Short Stacks collections. We sincerely apologize for this delay. We are working to correct this in the future.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday's New Items 04-09-2015

We have decided to put the brakes on adding new items every Thursday. We have a great deal going on behind the scenes right now and we need to focus our efforts on those items. Inky Hot Mess has some extraordinary things in the works! Things we as owners have wanted for years and they are finally happening. We can't reveal the details just yet, but we hope to make some huge announcements very soon!

A small teaser....something we're working on....

Inky Hot Mess is still open for business! There's still plenty to choose from on our website. Make sure you check out our exclusive collections and exclusive products! Many more will be added in the up coming weeks.

Have a creative day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Creative Introductions: Mandy

Mandy is still with our Creative Team! She enjoyed us so much she decided to stay with us for a second term. We are so thrilled to have her. A bit about Mandy...

Mandy lives in California with her husband, 2 children, and 3 rescued English Bulldogs (they're are the cutest things ever!!!!)

What lead her to pocket scrapbooking? She learned about it when Becky Higgins teamed up with Stampin' Up. She instantly became hooked.

Her celebrity crush is Angelina Jolie. She really admires her strength. The Vampire Diaries is her favorite tv show.

Chipboard stickers are her favorite embellishment. Her husband keeps her company while she scrapbooks. If you watch her videos, you'll hear her puppies snoring quite often. They seem to love their momma's craft room.

Why pocket scrapbooking? Mandy feels much more creative with pockets than traditional 12"x12" layouts. She calls her style simple and doable.

A note from Inky....I recently discovered that Mandy had only been doing Project Life for about 6 months when she joined our team! I was completely blown away by her pages. She is a ton of fun and I love our chats. Make sure you check out her videos on YouTube. She's full of spunk and personality.

Where to find Mandy:






Her Blog

Monday, April 6, 2015

Giveaway: A Winner

Remember our Instagram Cape Cod Flair Giveaway?

Well, we have a winner! Congratulations to MayraDesigns! Your flair is on it's way to you.

Didn't win? Don't worry! You can still get your hands on the Cape Cod Flair. They are available for purchasing in our store in the full collection or individual pieces.

Creative Introductions: Michelle

Inky Hot Mess has an addition to our Creative Team. We are so happy to welcome Michelle to our team! A bit about Michelle...

Michelle works a school district in Southern California, but she's originally from Upstate New York. She has 3 children and 1 grandchild.

What lead her to scrapbooking? A trip to New England! Michelle's paper crafting journaling began in 2012 when she asked a friend what she need for a scrapbook. She's been hooked ever since. Michelle describes her style as eclectic.

Her celebrity crush is Ricky Nelson. Her favorite tv shows are Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and Downton Abbey.

Some of her favorite paper crafting items are washi, paper flowers, and enamel dots. While she's scrapbooking her dog, a mini poodle mix named Izabelle Rose, keeps her company along with her favorite tv shows.

What lead Michelle to pocket scrapbooking? She was bored with traditional scrapbooking. She decided to try something different last year and she hasn't looked back. She finds pocket scrapbooking easier to be creative.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday's New Items 04-02-2015

This week we have 3 new flair collections for you. All of them are exclusive to Inky Hot Mess. They are all also 100% Made in the USA!

First up we have our new Cape Cod collection:

Next we have our Cazenovia Collection:

And last but not least we have our latest additions to our Finger Lakes series. This collection contains many of the towns located in the Finger Lakes:

Each flair is available individually as well. We will be adding more to the Cape Cod and Finger Lakes series in the upcoming months. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Flair Additions: Finger Lakes Towns

Inky Hot Mess is proud to call the Finger Lakes home and we are celebrating living and working here. We have crafted more Finger Lakes Flair! This time we have added 12 towns to our offerings.

All 12 towns are available as The Towns - Finger Lakes Flair Collection:

Seneca Falls:

Penn Yan:







Watkins Glen:




There will be more coming next month! These 12 are some of Inky's favorite places around here.

Flair Additions: Cazenovia

Today Inky Hot Mess is happy to make a new flair introduction. We love living in the Finger Lakes. People frequently ask how we ended up here. Our family is originally from the Capital Region in New York (Albany, NY - the State Capital - Nope, New York City is not the state capital). We used to vacation out here frequently. Between the day trips and weekend trips, we were there almost every weekend during the summer and early autumn.

Sailboats on Cazenovia Lake
Somehow we lost our minds and ended up building our dream house in South Carolina. Inky was homesick within 6 months and wanted to move back home. Inky's husband had a company approach him with a new job and it was in New York. We jumped on it and moved back to New York, but this time we went to the Finger Lakes. The rest is history! 

Cazenovia Lake
One of the towns on the way from Albany to the Finger Lakes has a gorgeous lake....shocking I know. There's a ton of lakes in this area. There are 11 Finger Lakes and numerous other lakes. The 11 Finger Lakes were created at the same time from the same glacier 10,000 years ago. That glacier took all of our dinosaur fossils, but left some amazing soil behind which produces fabulous fruits (think wine) and vegetables (think tons of farms and farm stands) and lakes all over the region.

Kayakers on Cazenovia Lake
The first lake you come across on US Route 20 is Cazenovia Lake. It's just gorgeous! There's a quaint town - Cazenovia - on the lake. Cazenovia is the home to Cazenovia College - a small, private, liberal arts college. Lots of historic houses are in the area. There's lots of history as well, not to mention the historic sites. 

New York State Historical Sign
Inky absolutely loves Cazenovia. It's a small town and it's pretty calm and quiet even with the college there. Not much traffic except during the summer when lots of people come to the lake. Apple picking isn't far away! 

Inky has brought Cazenovia and flair together. There are 2 new pieces to this collection. The first is Cazenovia Flair.

The second is Cazenovia Lake Flair.

And we have the Cazenovia Flair Collection where you receive both pieces of flair.

Check back soon! You never know what will appear in Inky's Travels next!

Some Changes to Our Site

If you've been on the last few days, you may have noticed a few changes. First up, we have changed a category name. Don't worry the Add Ons to our Living Life and Short Stack collections have not gone away! Nope. We have changed the name of the category to Compliments. Why? In the very near future, we will be having new items that compliment our collections. And these new items will be Inky Hot Mess exclusives!

Previous Category Icons
Secondly, we are changing our category icons. They used to be an oval with a kraft background with a star overlay. We are removing the star so the text is easier to read. A few categories have already had this changed implemented. Over the next week or two, all of the category icons will have this changed. We have also added more columns and rows to each screen...One category went from 6 pages down to 2 pages by this change! It looks prettier, too.

New Category Icon
Third, our Flair category has changed. Now don't worry, Flair isn't going anywhere! Inky loves her some Flair and would probably give up scrapbooking before giving up Flair. The Flair category has been changed to have 2 subcategories. One is Individual Pieces which are literally individual pieces of Flair. The second subcategory is Collections. This is where you will find the named groups of Flair we make. They are usually sold in sets of 2, 4, 6, and 8 pieces. There are some Collections that have more than that.....usually they are part of I LOVE NY or Inky's Travels.

Be sure to check our our Instagram for our Cape Cod Flair Giveaway!

Cape Cod Flair Giveaway on Instagram

PS This is not an April Fool's Day joke. We don't joke about paper crafting!