Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Weather Closing Policy

Well folks, it's getting into that time of year when weather will be happening....the white, icy kind of weather. So we are announcing our Weather Closing Policy for Winter 2016.

We will make all announcements regarding shop closures on our Facebook and blog by 9 am the day of the weather event. A good rule of thumb is that if Geneva City Schools are closed, chances are good we're closed as well. If we need to open late because the roads aren't great, we will also announce this on our Facebook and blog by 9 am. If we need to close early, we will post on our Facebook. We will try to get out closures on our website, but it may not be possible due to power and/or internet outages. We can always post on Facebook because of our cellphones.

Please feel free to call the shop to check our status as well. Our number is 315-325-4554. We will only answer during our regular business hours which currently are Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm and Saturday 11am-3pm.